West Africa

Integrated Health Systems Strengthening Support to Improve Community Health Outcomes in West Africa

The Challenge

West Africa’s journey to sustainable health system interventions requires common visions and harmonized approaches to strengthen multiple health system’s “building blocks.” New models for financing and delivering quality health services are needed, especially to reach vulnerable and under-served communities.

Passionate exchange in debrief on Togo’s institutional architecture
Passionate exchange in debrief on Togo’s institutional architecture for accelerating its journey toward universal health coverage

The Opportunity

In West Africa, the Accelerator provides integrated health systems strengthening support to improve community health outcomes, better integrate communities with the formal health system, and promote universal health coverage. 

Our Work

In Côte d’Ivoire, the Accelerator works to strengthen the institutional and organizational framework for community health and to promote synergy, increased collaboration, and reduced duplication of efforts across the country’s community health programming. Learn more 

In Guinea, the Accelerator works with the Directorate of Community Health to resolve systems-level barriers that hinder community health outcomes and understand entry points for change. Through co-creation, the program is helping stakeholders build consensus and implement contextually grounded, sustainable solutions. These solutions contribute to improving the financing, governance, organization, and delivery of quality, accessible community health services. Learn more

In Togo, the Accelerator supports the country’s journey towards achieving universal health coverage by identifying key challenges, root causes, and concrete solutions in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, civil society, and partners. The Accelerator’s support has contributed to an effective decision-making platform for UHC in Togo, building on the country’s existing health strategies. Learn more