Supporting Knowledge Translation and Contextualization of Evidence to Support Ghana’s COVID Response

The Accelerator is partnering with the government of Ghana to support the Office of the Presidential Coordinator on COVID-19 to develop its critical infrastructure to manage the pandemic across all relevant sectors. We’re supporting tasks such as developing the office’s organogram and staffing structure, identifying experts to advise the government on crucial topics, and facilitating an advisory group tasked with monitoring the socioeconomic impact of the outbreak. Our global team has also been quickly identifying experts, evidence and ideas from around the world, while our team on the ground in Accra is contextualizing that information and getting it into practice in ways that are relevant to Ghana. 


Due to its flexible nature and pre-existing platforms and infrastructure, the Accelerator is able to quickly provide COVID-19 support in a range of areas. Health officials who are interested in learning more should reach out to their local USAID missions.