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The Accelerator’s work is tailored to meet local needs and currently covers a wide range of technical assistance to address health systems challenges.

As of now, the Accelerator is collaborating with partners in 22 countries across Africa and Asia. 

Health Systems Strengthening Accelerator Institutional Architecture for Health Framework

Strengthen Institutional Architecture for Continuous Health Systems Strengthening

The Accelerator has developed an institutional architecture framework to assess and build capacity for self-reliant, continuous health systems strengthening.
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Improving Routine Immunization Coverage and Equity Through Financial System Strengthening and Integration

Working with stakeholders in Guinea and Togo to identify and implement strategies to strengthen immunization performance, including improving immunization funding and promoting integration with community health and universal health coverage strategies.
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Representatives from Ghana’s Ministry of Health (MOH), National Health Insurance Scheme, and the Ghana Health Service participate in a virtual supportive supervision workshop

National Coordination of Multi-sectoral, Multi-level Pandemic Responses Virtual Collaborative

Strengthening leadership capacities and functions to ensure strong coordination to manage major health and socio-economic threats while building the foundation of more resilient and responsive health systems for the future.
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Integrated Health Systems Strengthening to Improve Community Health Outcomes in West Africa

Partnering with Cote d' Ivoire, Guinea, and Togo to improve community health outcomes and strengthen universal health coverage.
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HSR2020 Data Use Session Graphic

Improving the Linkages between Social Accountability and Social and Behavior Change

Identifying promising opportunities for social accountability and social and behavior change efforts to work together to increase equity and efficiency through UHC.
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Mental Health and Psychosocial Support in Post-Conflict Countries

Integrating mental health and psychosocial support services in the health systems of post-conflict low- and middle-income countries.
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Two practitioners discuss information technology to support progress towards universal health coverage

Health Systems Strengthening and Policy Research Capacities in Asia

Improving the ecosystem of health policy and systems research to strengthen health systems in Asia.
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Strengthening Rehabilitation Services in Post-Conflict Countries

Advancing Rehab 2030 objectives at the local, regional, and global levels by partnering with local governments, regional, and country-level institutions and global partners.
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Two women holding babies

Implementation Research on the National Community Health Policy in Guinea

Conducting implementation research to provide evidence on the design coherence, effectiveness, and scalability of the National Community Health Policy in Guinea.
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Systems Improvement Support to John F. Kennedy Medical Center

Sustainable health financing to improve health outcomes in Liberia.
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Improving Equity in Coverage and Financial Protection through Ghana’s Primary Care Provider Networks

The Accelerator is applying implementation research and adaptive learning methods to understand if and how Primary Care Provider Networks can meet the Government of Ghana's equity objectives and how context affects the initiative’s implementation.
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Four men standing outside

Sustainable HIV Financing

Exploring multi-stakeholder coordination and action to improve financing for HIV Epidemic Control.
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Here, Rahama, 30, plays with her 9-month-old daughter, Maradiatu, inside their home.

Safe Blood for Maternal Health

The Accelerator and Market Access and Innovative Financing, in close collaboration with USAID Missions, will utilize the USAID Safe Blood Starter Kit in Liberia, Malawi, and Rwanda to help analyze existing blood systems, identify primary barriers/challenges to availability of safe blood for treatment of PPH and identify solutions/opportunities.
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Partnership to Accelerate Ghana’s Vision for Achieving Health for All

Accelerating Ghana’s vision of achieving health for all.
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