Our Approach

Our Approach

The Accelerator’s adaptable approach to complex health systems problems uses concrete, near-term challenges as entry points to help countries translate, adapt and build more effective and sustainable health system interventions on their journeys to self-reliance. 


The Accelerator works with country partners to ensure that priorities are set by local change agents and reforms are embedded in institutionalized country-led processes. 

3 billion people globally must pay out of pocket to receive health services
400 million people lack access to one or more essential services

Leverage local and regional expertise

We coach rather than do, support local teams to select, design and implement contextually appropriate solutions.

Co-create and innovate

Based on evidence and learning drawn from across multiple geographies, the Accelerator facilitates cross-country, peer-to-peer learning among people who face common challenges to share and adapt knowledge and produce new ideas that enable them to tackle practical yet complex issues. 

100 million people are pushed into poverty every year as a result of health care expenditures

Evidence generation and adaptive learning

Together with experts from local, regional, and global networks, the Accelerator supports adaptive learning, with rapid experimentation, and timely feedback loops to test, adapt, and improve on solutions, with the ultimate goal of taking them to scale.

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