Rehabilitation in Health Financing: Opportunities on the Way to Universal Health Coverage
A new resource co-developed by WHO and the Accelerator will share knowledge of how health financing practices can promote the delivery of rehabilitation services.
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The Health Systems Strengthening Accelerator increases people’s access to high performing health systems by supporting countries as they translate, adapt, and build more effective and sustainable health system interventions on their journeys to self-reliance. 

Find Experts and Institutions in Health Systems Strengthening

The Experts Database is a publicly accessible, growing, online, global repository of experts in health systems strengthening.

Building Capacity for Sustainable Systems Change

These modules share principles, approaches and tips for playing the role of a coach or mentor effectively and exchanging lessons learned from real-life experiences.

Health Systems Strengthening Accelerator Institutional Architecture for Health Framework

Institutional Architecture for Health Framework

The Accelerator has developed an institutional architecture framework to assess and build capacity for self-reliant, continuous health systems strengthening.

Strengthening the ecosystem for health policy and systems research for health systems strengthening in Asia: A virtual convening and co-creation series

A series of virtual convenings to co-create a shared vision and action plan for a more responsive and robust ecosystem of health policy and systems research initiatives and institutions to facilitate continuous health systems strengthening