Asia Region

Asia Region

The Challenge

For countries with low health systems and policy research (HPSR) capacity and a weak link to decision-makers, it is difficult to develop evidence that will be used to inform policy. In Asia, there exists experienced HPSR institutions (HPSRIs) in UMICs and less experienced in LMICs countries. Although these HPSRIs have been established to translate evidence to policy, a common challenge across the institutes is their difficulty in improving the skills of their staff to effectively fulfill their mandate and determining how to prioritize research studies when they’re at low capacity.

The Opportunity

Strengthen the function and capacity of the network of Asian HPSRIs and facilitate the knowledge sharing around promising HSS innovation models in Asia to accelerate their development and implementation.

Our Work

The Accelerator will conduct an iterative desk review and consultative process with HSPRIs within region to identify the range of operational models for knowledge translation at country and regional levels to increase demand, generation and use of evidence to strengthen health systems in Asia.