Virtual Co-creation to Accelerate Progress Towards Universal Health Coverage in Togo

Author: Lior Miller

Togo has embarked on the path towards achieving universal health coverage (UHC). However, several challenges persist, in particular strengthening the health system, optimizing health protection mechanisms, and identifying the institutional architecture to effectively support Togo’s journey toward UHC and produce sustainable improvements in health outcomes at the community level. 

On August 27 and September 1, the Health Systems Strengthening Accelerator and partner Centre en Recherche Reproduction Humaine et en Demographie (CERRHUD) will facilitate a virtual multisector co-creation process aimed at addressing key barriers to advancing Togo’s UHC roadmap.  

The participatory workshop will convene key health system stakeholders in Togo including the Ministry of Public Health and Hygiene; the Ministry of Civil Service, Labor, Administrative Reform and Social Protection; the Ministry of Economy and Finance; the National Association of Doctors in Togo; National Assembly members; technical and funding partners; and NGO and civil society representatives.

These first two sessions of the four-part co-creation workshop will identify the root causes and main bottlenecks toward implementing the UHC roadmap, develop actionable solutions to identified challenges, and develop an action plan for accelerating progress towards UHC in Togo.  

The objectives of the workshop are to:

  • Strengthen collaboration between stakeholders and facilitate multisectoral dialogue
  • Build consensus around the results of the situational analysis and the root causes of the main challenges to UHC in Togo
  • Identify possible solutions based on evidence from Togo and other countries
  • Identify priority actions for acceleration implementation of Togo’s UHC roadmap