Call for Expression of Interest in National Coordination of a Multi-sectoral and Multi-level Pandemic Response Learning Collaborative

The Health Systems Strengthening Accelerator (Accelerator), implemented by Results for Development, in partnership with the Joint Learning Network for Universal Health Coverage (JLN) will launch a 6-month virtual collaborative focused on multi-sectoral, multi-level coordination of pandemic responses that will facilitate cross-country exchange on what has worked, and not worked, and generate practical guidance. The collaborative will focus on how to strengthen the leadership capacities and functions needed to ensure strong cross-sectoral and multi-level coordination to manage major health and socio-economic threats, such as COVID-19, while building the foundation of more resilient and responsive health systems for the future.

Technical facilitators will support collaborative participants to distill and synthesize best practice and guidance on multi-sectoral, multi-level strategies for pandemic preparedness, within the overall framework of improving stewardship and the institutional architecture for attainment of UHC.

Countries interested in this theme are encouraged to apply by sending an expression of interest (EOI). Countries will be prioritized for selection based on relevance of country experience and being able to constitute a strong multi-sectoral team with a diverse profile of participants drawn from national epidemic/pandemic response or multi-sectoral coordination units, UHC agencies, Ministries of Health service delivery and policy units (both national and sub-national levels); and representation from other priority sectors (e.g., education, finance, transport and environment). The virtual collaborative will be limited to five countries, each with a team of five to six participants. To submit an application, click on this link and send your complete application by November 13, 2020. All applications will be reviewed, and decisions communicated by November 23, 2020. In the event you are not able to send a complete application by the deadline, fill and submit this form. However, kindly note that countries must have constituted a full team by the start of the collaborative in December 2020.

You can also access this announcement, and complete an EOI submission, through myJLN. In the event that you are having challenges with the submission, the JLN Country Core Group (CCG) chair or coordinator should write to the JLN network manager at for alternative arrangements to submit your EOI. For any questions related to the application, please contact Agnes Munyua at