8 Countries Join the Virtual Collaborative on National Coordination of a Multi-sectoral and Multi-level Pandemic Response

Bahrain, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Kenya, Mongolia, Nigeria, and Senegal will participate in a 6-month virtual collaborative focused on strengthening the leadership capacities and functions needed to ensure strong cross-sectoral and multi-level coordination to manage major health and socio-economic threats, such as COVID-19. The collaborative will also focus on building the foundation of more resilient and responsive health systems for the future.

Each country has assembled a strong multi-sectoral team with a diverse profile of participants drawn from national epidemic/pandemic response coordination units, representation from Ministries of Health, Education, Finance Transport, Aviation and Tourism, and sub-national levels of government.

Technical facilitators will work with collaborative participants to distill and synthesize best practice and guidance on multi-sectoral, multi-level strategies for pandemic preparedness, within the overall framework of improving stewardship and the institutional architecture to achieve universal health coverage. Keep reading to learn more about the collaborative!

Technical Facilitation Team

Professor Samba Sow

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The collaborative is facilitated by the Health Systems Strengthening Accelerator (Accelerator), implemented by Results for Development, in partnership with the Joint Learning Network for Universal Health Coverage (JLN). Sign up for our newsletter for updates or follow the Accelerator on Facebook or Twitter.