Knowledge Exchange: Improving the Linkages between Social and Behavior Change and Health Systems Strengthening

Wednesday, May 10, 2023, 8:00 -9:30 am EDT

USAID’s Health System Strengthening Learning Agenda articulates six questions designed to spur learning about improving health system equity, quality, and resource optimization.

This interactive knowledge exchange will focus on USAID’s Learning Question 6: What are key behavioral outcomes that indicate a functioning, integrated health system? In what ways can integrated health system strengthening approaches explicitly include social and behavior change?and allow panelists and participants to share ideas on how health systems strengthening (HSS) and social and behavior change (SBC) can complement each other and the initial steps that can be taken to integrate SBC into HSS programming. The discussion will consider questions such as:

    • Who are the main actors in a health system, and how does their behavior affect health outcomes?
    • How can focusing on SBC help address the root causes of inequity in a health system?
    • How can we design behavioral HSS activities that are grounded in evidence and theory?

The webinar will also identify potential challenges, including evidence gaps and areas where further learning is still needed. Participants are invited to participate in a robust knowledge exchange designed around sharing experiences, questions, and suggestions on how to improve the linkages between social and behavior change and health systems strengthening.

Moderator: Kama Garrison, Senior Social Behavior Change Advisor, USAID  


    • Pierre Balamou, Deputy Health Office Director, USAID Guinea
    • Andrea Ferrand, Social and Behavior Change Senior Technical Advisor, PSI
    • Susan Pietrzyk, Senior Social Science Research and Analysis Lead, ICF/Health Systems Strengthening Accelerator  

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