Highlights from the Health Policy and Systems Research Co-creation Series: Executive Summary and Next Steps

The tremendous progress made during the co-creation series has been summarized in the Executive Summary. It highlights our co-created vision for a stronger and more aligned Health Policy and Systems Research (HPSR) ecosystem in the Asia Region in the next 10-15 years, key discussion topics, and the action areas participants want to pursue as part of these strengthening efforts. These action areas include:

  1. Secondments or exchanges between HPSRIs and policymakers
  2. Implementation research (IR) partnerships between government and HPSRIs
  3. Networks/forum of HPSRIs, policymakers, and other stakeholders
  4. Training plus (with long-term collaboration + mentorship) involving HPSRIs and policymakers
  5. Enhanced models of research agenda-setting (e.g., co-creation)
  6. Co-developed Products and Tools

Participants started to generate ideas and action plans for the first four action areas, expressed an interest in further discussing area five, and identified concrete tools that could support overall strengthening efforts for area six. 

From Action Areas to Action Groups launching in October 2021

Following strong interest across the board from participants in the recent survey, the Accelerator proposes to continue work on each action area by initiating Action Groups this fall that will meet twice to finalize the action plan by the end of the year. Attention will turn to implementing these action plans and emerging ideas continuing into 2022. A virtual convening may also be held next spring to share progress.

Based on the interest survey and series engagement, we will identify potential leads from HPSRIs and platforms to co-lead these Action groups. Details of all the forthcoming action group meetings will be shared with participants in a consolidated email should you want to attend other/multiple groups. The Accelerator and Alliance teams will continue to offer support and coordinate groups. Still, we are excited to see much of the leadership to operationalize these ideas rest with the partners who sparked them. If you are interested in serving as a co-lead for a particular group, please reach out. We will be in touch soon with the group & meeting details and anticipate groups to first meet in October 2021.

While it will take a different format, we will continue to provide a space for participants to discuss research agenda-setting processes and co-develop the identified tools. The Accelerator, alongside interested participants, will co-develop a catalog of Monitoring and Evaluation Tools relevant to measuring the HPSR ecosystem and database of HPSR learning and training platforms. The Alliance is also likely to support the development of a framework to assess HPSR domestic funding sources and opportunities.  More information on these products will be shared soon.

Series Website: A Continued Resource

The Co-creation series website will continue to be a central space for ongoing efforts. The site will evolve as the groups progress, but we encourage you to continue to access it for summaries from the series, blogs, and other resources.

Blogs, Events, and Communications Updates

  • Three blogs are being published on the Co-creation series, including one led by a participant! Drafted by the Accelerator, the first two provide an overview of the series (1, 2). The third was spearheaded by Harvy Joy Liwanag of UNU-IIGH and Leah List of the Accelerator. The blog, published in the BMC Health Services Research Journal, features reflections from the series and the overarching need for co-creation and co-action in addressing the SDGs and COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Register as a health systems expert/institution or identify others in Asia and Africa through the Experts Database,  an online networking platform designed to bring those requesting and offering knowledge and expertise in health systems closer together. HPSRIs can sign up, and this can also be a resource for platform managers and partners. As part of a broader effort to better link country demand and experience, The Coaching Approach offers a series of free E-learning Modules to guide experts interested in serving as coaches.  
  • The Alliance for HPSR recently launched its flagship report – Learning health systems: pathways to progress that outlines a framework for how learning occurs in health systems and the practical actions that can be taken to strengthen learning within health systems. Download the Alliance’s report and view the webinar now! 
  • Within this rich community, there will be many opportunities to share relevant publications and events with your peers – you can now do so by emailing AsiaHPSRstrengthening@googlegroups.com. We have created this listserv to support our ongoing community and encourage you to share publications of occasions of note!