2023 USAID Health Systems Strengthening case competition

The Accelerator will conduct its second annual Health System Strengthening case competition in 2023. The Case Competition is an opportunity for USAID staff and partners working on health system strengthening (HSS) activities to showcase the work they are doing and the impact that their activities are having on health systems and health outcomes. Using real-life examples, the Case Competition will allow us to learn what does and does not work when implementing, institutionalizing, and scaling up health system programs and approaches. These case submissions will help inform USAID and its partners’ ongoing work and will contribute to learning syntheses and dissemination under the USAID HSS Learning Agenda to strengthen the global HSS evidence base.  

The 2022 Case Competition received 24 entries from 15 countries. Three winners were selected by USAID and the Accelerator’s panel of judges and were invited to showcase their work during the Accelerator’s October 2022 Showcase Event.  

Key Dates


May 8 – June 9


Week of June 26


Week of July 10

Case Competition Information

Poster Template

Entries should be emailed to Leah Ewald at lewald@r4d.org with the list of authors, organization, and the theme in the body of the email.