Global Health Leaders to Convene in Nairobi for Primary Health Care Financing Workshop

In a collaborative effort to revolutionize the financing and delivery of primary health care (PHC), the Accelerator, in partnership with the Joint Learning Network (JLN), will host an upcoming workshop, “Financing Primary Health Care through Primary Care Networks.” This event builds on the Foundational Reforms for Financing and Delivery of PHC Collaborative, facilitated by Results for Development (R4D). It marks a significant stride towards reorganizing PHC financing and delivery through primary care networks (PCNs) in response to a growing demand from countries worldwide for innovative solutions in this area.

This in-person workshop, scheduled to take place from April 22nd to 26th in Nairobi, Kenya, will bring together representatives from fourteen countries: Botswana, Burkina Faso, Colombia, Ethiopia, Ghana, Indonesia, Kenya, Liberia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nigeria, the Philippines, and Vietnam. Participants will engage in a focused learning exchange, collaboratively addressing challenges and sharing knowledge to enhance PHC financing and delivery models. Participants will also explore various PHC service delivery models, aiming to identify best practices and innovative financing strategies that can be adapted to their contexts.

This gathering builds on global commitments to strengthen PHC systems and ensure more equitable and efficient healthcare delivery. As countries share experiences and forge collaborative pathways, the Nairobi workshop will lay the groundwork for future improvements in PHC financing and delivery worldwide.

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