Join the Accelerator at the 3rd International Community Health Workforce Symposium

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Advancing Community Health Worker Programs to Build Resilient and Equitable Health Systems that Accelerate Primary Health Care for Universal Health Coverage


March 20-24, 2023


Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Inter-Ministerial Complex

The 3rd International Community Health Workforce Symposium aims to facilitate the global exchange of knowledge and solutions to scale and sustain Community Health Programs to achieve Universal Health Coverage (UHC). The symposium will share best practices on the complimentary and necessary systems to support scale. Forty-seven country delegations, including government representatives, community health workers, and others, have been invited to the 2023 symposium.

Symposium Schedule

    • Pre-conference Day 1 (March 20th)
    • Pre-conference Day 2 (March 21st)
    • Conference Day 1 (March 22nd)
    • Conference Day 2 (March 23rd)
    • Conference Day 3 (March 24th)

Find the Accelerator

The Accelerator’s Community Health Workforce and Community Health Roadmaps activities are supporting the organization of the 2023 Community Health Workforce Symposium. The Accelerator will participate in the following activities: 

Contributions to thematic technical tracks

    • Track 1: Institutionalizing and financing at-scale, sustainable community health worker programs for PHC2.
    • Track 2: Professionalizing, compensating, and protecting CHWs and other community-based and community-led workforce
    • Track 7: Digital health solutions to enhance CHW and other community-based and -led workforce programs
    • Track 8: Gender dimensions in community health and CHW programming

Pre-conference Day 2: Exploring successes, challenges, and future opportunities to enhance community health worker programming and leadership for UHC

Symposium participants are invited to an interactive session focused on community health roadmaps, institutionalization, measurement, and other cross-cutting priorities. Access the full agenda here

Poster Presentations

    1. Gender Dimension on Community Health: Roles of Men and Women in Guinea | Dimension Genre sur la santé communautaire: Rôles des hommes et femmes en Guinée
      Presenter: Luc Innocent Toure, Coordinateur des Programmes, Comité Jeunes Mon Avenir D’Abord (CJMAD)

    2. Strengthening community health and immunization integration in Guinea
      Presenter: Isabeaux Kennedy Mitton, Senior Program Associate, Results for Development, Health Systems Strengthening Accelerator

Oral Presentations

    1. Policy, Practices, and Planning to Strengthen Community-Level Mental Health Services in Liberia
      Presenter: Angie Tarr, Director, Mental Health Unit, Liberia Ministry of Health 

    2. Civil society advocacy for the recruitment and sustainable financing of community health workers for the achievement of universal health coverage in Guinea | Plaidoyer de la société civile pour le recrutement et le financement durable des agents de santé communautaires pour la réalisation de la couverture sanitaire universelle en Guinée.
      Presenter: Nene Oumou Diallo, Coordinatrice des Programmes, Conseil Promotionnel pour l’Action des Jeunes en Afrique- Guinée (COPAJEAF Guinée)

This page will be updated as the event approaches. Learn more about the upcoming event here.