Guinea Hosts Technical Meeting on Enhancing Health Systems Through Social and Behavior Change Advocacy

To build more equitable health systems through social and behavior change, the Accelerator, in partnership with the Comité Jeunes Mon Avenir D’Abord (CJMAD), will share its SBC-oriented budget advocacy tool and accompanying guide. Set for April 17th, this dissemination meeting in Conakry will gather key Guinean stakeholders to discuss and share insights on this novel SBC-oriented budget advocacy tool.

Crafted to support and guide budget advocacy to secure increased local investment in community health, this tool, complemented by a detailed guide and worksheets, is specifically designed to empower stakeholders to craft and execute advocacy strategies informed by behavioral insights, thereby enhancing the financing of community health services.

This initiative follows the successful pilot of the tool in Kindia, Guinea, where it demonstrated significant potential in facilitating collaborations between civil society organizations (CSOs) and the Ministry of Health (Ministre de la Santé et de l’Hygiène Publique, MSHP). This collaborative effort underscored the crucial role of community engagement and CSO participation in promoting transparency and accountability in health policy implementation, particularly within the framework of Guinea’s National Community Health Policy (Politique National de Sante Communitive, PNSC).

The upcoming meeting in Conakry is expected to attract a diverse group of participants, including representatives from various ministries, CSOs, and technical partners. Presenters will include the Ministry of Health, specifically from the Directorate of Community Health and Traditional Medicine (Direction Nationale de la Santé Communautaire et de la Médicine Traditionnelle, DNSCMT) and the Office of Strategy and Development (Bureau de Stratégie et de Développement, BSD). The agenda focuses on learning sessions to equip participants with the necessary skills to effectively utilize the SBC-oriented budget advocacy tool. Through these tailored advocacy approaches, the initiative aims to foster a broader understanding and application of behavioral insights in community health financing and more broadly.

This event supports the Accelerator’s mission of implementing systems that enhance community health outcomes. Integrating behavioral insights aims to deepen citizen engagement and ensure that health policies are accountable and responsive to the community’s needs. The meeting marks a meaningful opportunity for stakeholders across Guinea to come together, learn, and contribute to shaping a more equitable health system through innovative and informed advocacy efforts.

This work builds on the Accelerator’s efforts to support the implementation and scale-up of Guinea’s National Community Health Strategy (Politique National de Santé Communautaire, or PNSC) to improve health outcomes at the community level, partly through providing preventive, curative, and referral services for malaria, maternal and child health, family planning, and other health areas.

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