COVID-19 collaborative focuses on citizens’ compliance to public health measures, data use, and integration of data systems

Accelerator facilitated COVID-19 collaborative focuses on citizens’ compliance to COVID-19 public health measures, data use, and integration of data systems.

Strengthening Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Services in Liberia through Co-creation and Collaboration

The burden of mental, neurological, and substance abuse (MNS) disorders in Liberia stems in part from the layered effects of civil war, pandemic health crises (Ebola in 2014-15 and currently COVID-19), and widespread poverty, vulnerability, and drug use—reflected by an almost 40% increase between 2007 and 2017 in the burden of disability caused by depressive […]

Implementing Guinea’s National Community Health Strategy

Authors: Amy Nye, Lior Miller, and Nathan Blanchet  The successful rollout of Guinea’s National Community Health Strategy will require complex changes in health financing, human resources, and governance. To help Guinea independently translate, adapt, and sustain innovative ways to strengthen health systems, the Accelerator is facilitating dialogue with key partners and stakeholders to identify the […]

Integrated Health Systems Strengthening Support Aims to Improve Community Health Outcomes in West Africa

Existing efforts to improve community health outcomes in West Africa recognize the need for (and difficulty of) complex and innovative interventions — ones that apply systems thinking, tackle multiple health systems “building blocks” at once, and likely require new models for financing and delivering quality health services, especially to vulnerable and under-served communities. In West […]

Accelerator Coach Provides Practical Guidance on How to Adapt and Use Global Evidence to Launch the Liberian Health Equity Fund

“Coaching in Liberia was one of the best experiences of my life,” says Anthony Gingong. “I told them I was not coming as a foreigner. I was coming as one of them. That alone eased the tension in the room.” Gingong is a health professional with almost 30 years’ experience within Ghana’s National Health Insurance […]

What’s the difference between ‘coaching’ and technical assistance?

Achieving better population health outcomes requires strong, self-sustaining health systems, but driving systems-level change in countries is hard — it’s a continual process that is context-driven and requires navigating complex political, economic and institutional landscapes. Countries and practitioners have often expressed the need for better access to experts who understand country contexts and have relatable […]

Laying the foundation for the Liberian Health Equity Fund

To help Liberia overcome systemic health systems challenges, the Accelerator is partnering with Liberia’s Ministry of Health (MOH) to improve the effectiveness and sustainability of public health financing for the Liberian Health Equity Fund — its vision for a national health insurance model. After years of civil wars and an Ebola outbreak, rebuilding Liberia’s health […]