Strengthening the Ecosystem for Health Policy and Systems Research for Health Systems Strengthening in Asia

A Health Systems Strengthening Accelerator (Accelerator) Landscaping Analysis of 97 health policy and research institutions (HPSRIs) across 27 countries in the Asia region found a need for evidence translation capacity development. The analysis revealed that nearly all HPSRIs are engaged in evidence generation but significantly fewer are involved in translating evidence into policy and practice.  Only […]

Webinar: Coordinating Multi-sectoral, Multi-level Pandemic Responses

The current COVID-19 pandemic has proven to be devastating for health systems globally. To slow the spread of the virus and to reduce its toll, country leaders must manage strong systems-focused, multi-sectoral coordination, planning, and monitoring. Countries are asking how to create and manage the cross-sectoral teams needed to mount a coordinated response to the […]

Accelerator Coach Provides Practical Guidance on How to Adapt and Use Global Evidence to Launch the Liberian Health Equity Fund

“Coaching in Liberia was one of the best experiences of my life,” says Anthony Gingong. “I told them I was not coming as a foreigner. I was coming as one of them. That alone eased the tension in the room.” Gingong is a health professional with almost 30 years’ experience within Ghana’s National Health Insurance […]